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My 7 Personal Favorite Life Hacks That Never Fail

Do you ever wish you had a few tricks in your back pocket to snap you out of feeling "off"?   Today I'm sharing my 7 personal favorite daily life hacks. They each center and ground me and immediately restore my sense of balance, purpose and flow.   AND...if...

Making All Parts of Travel Easeful, FUN and Healthy {Part 2}

On my last blog, I talked about how to prepare to travel easefully, for you and your business, and how to transition and get settled more easily when you return home. In this blog, I’ll be focusing on your physical health while traveling. For me, my physical health...

Making All Parts of Travel Easeful, FUN and Healthy {Part 1}

I LOVE travel - everything about it. Well, almost everything.  NOT the packing, unpacking...and the extra effort it takes to stay healthy. So, when I started living around the world six years ago, and knowing I was going to be doing a lot of travel, by choice, I...

Dance To Create A Life You Love

"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." ― Friedrich Nietzsche Create A Life You Love™ is all about intentional life design and co-creating with the universe in the areas of: Purpose Health + Wellness Career / Business + Money...

Upcoming Event: 1 Day Tao Retreat For Women

I am heading to Belgium soon and am so excited to invite you to this special day that my gifted and close friend Kathleen and I will be offering while I am there! Kathleen and I will be joining our passions and skills together in a workshop to help women live, love...

The State Of Non-Resistance + The Power Of Love

This week’s video blog is really an explanation in response to all of those questions into 1. It’s a little longer this week, but really worth your time (I hope!). When we are in stressful or frustrating situations, we tend to become really resistant to EVERYTHING in life. So, we need to consciously practice being in a state of non-resistance. And then take it one step further, and be in a loving state.

Today, I’m talking to you about my personal experiences and ways I’ve put this into practice.

When we shift inside, magic happens around us (tweet it!)

How To Shake A Bad Mood

Hello beautiful Create A Life You Love™ friends! I've wanted to shake things up a bit with my blog and really find a way to give you more value, without the internet noise (you know what I'm talking about, right?) So, you'll see more short, video snippets from me with...

Making Soulful + Smart Decisions

Is there an area in your life that you can’t quite figure out?
Are you running a zillion scenarios around in your mind and stressing yourself out? And, instead of finding answers, are you only succeeding in winding yourself up and creating a whole bunch of RESISTANCE in your life?

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