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Your Non-Negotiables

Posted on Apr 29, 2017 in Blog, Business Advice, Health & Nutrition, Joy & Happiness, Manifesting, Personal Development | 2 comments

What are your ‘non-negotiables’ in life?

Getting away from them can cause us to not feel grounded, inspired or happy.  This week, I’m talking more about the things that have contributed to my not quite feeling myself lately.

What causes us to get away from them (even when we know they have worked)?

Watch + listen below for personal examples of me getting away from my own non-negotiables in Business, Health and Relationships and how I am getting re-aligned.


Get Back To Your Non-Negotiables

I love to create space for all of us to empower each other to do more of what we love, so over to you!

Do you have a similar story or example? Comment below as all of the best ah-ha’s and connection happens as we share our ideas :-)

Lots of Love,
Carmen Marshall
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Stay In Integrity With Yourself

Posted on Apr 1, 2017 in Blog, Business Advice, Health & Nutrition, Joy & Happiness, Manifesting, Personal Development | 0 comments

We all know how important it is to stay in integrity with others — this builds trust and relationships in both work and life. However, it’s equally (if not more) to stay in integrity with yourself. It breeds trust and confidence in yourself.

Watch + listen below for a personal example of my own where I pulled out all of the excuses in the world and how it impacted me.


Stay In Integrity With Yourself

I love to create space for all of us to empower each other to do more of what we love, so over to you!

Do you have a similar story or example? Comment below as all of the best ah-ha’s and connection happens as we share our ideas :-)

Lots of Love,
Carmen Marshall
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Why You Can’t Just “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

Posted on Mar 18, 2017 in Blog, Business Advice, General, Health & Nutrition, Joy & Happiness, Manifesting, Personal Development | 3 comments

Weekly Action Plan Coaching with Carmen Marshall

We’ve all heard it before, but today I want to re-frame the phrase “fake it ’til you make it” into something you can actually use in business and in life because we all know deep down that faking it just feels inauthentic.

Instead of actually faking it, there’s a better way to build confidence and success so that you can see and feel changes you want to experience in your life by asking yourself a few simple, yet profound questions. Watch + listen more in this weeks’ vlog below.


Why You Can’t Just “Fake It ‘Till You Make It + 3 Questions Guaranteed To Change Your Life

I love to create space for all of us to empower each other to do more of what we love, so over to you!

Have you used any of these 3 questions before? Comment below as all of the best ah-ha’s and connection happens as we share our ideas :-)

PS: The book I reference is ‘Anam Cara’ by John O’Donohue.

Lots of Love,
Carmen Marshall


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14 Favorite Apps For Business + Lifestyle: Part 1

Posted on Feb 18, 2017 in Blog, Business Advice, General, Health & Nutrition, Personal Development | 11 comments

I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur since the age of 27, so one of the questions I get asked all the time is “what do you use in your business to stay organized?” or “how do you keep your personal + business life separate?”

The truth is, I love my work so much that personal and business tend to mix. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely take time off and in order to not get overwhelmed or bogged down, I am really strict about self-care, exercise, and some down time/being in nature.

But, I do have some apps and programs that make my personal and business life much more streamlined and simplified. Check out the video where I show you the first 7 of my favorite apps, and then I’ll share the rest in the next blog; so stay tuned.

Video Part 1: 7 Favorite Apps For Business + Lifestyle

Over to you! Are there any I’m missing? Do you use other apps you just LOVE that simplify your life? Share in the comments below; I’m sure there are other entrepreneurs out there that would love to hear all of your tips, too!

Lots of Love,
Carmen Marshall


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Relax! And Let Your Best Ideas Come To You

Posted on Apr 1, 2016 in Blog, Business Advice, Exercise & Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Manifesting, Personal Development, Stress Reduction | 2 comments

Let Your Best Ideas Come To You

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to came up with amazing ideas, businesses or products? “How did he/she think of that idea, and then implement it?  Why didn’t I think of that (and DO it)?”

And, at the same time, have you ever noticed that when you really need to come up with an idea or solution, you just can’t? When you desperately need an answer, when you’re trying oh-so-hard to figure out something – a blog title, the perfect product to sell, a solution to a problem – your brain won’t act on demand?

Why is that?

Well, for all of the above, it’s the same reason. It’s why we can’t find an outfit we like for a party this weekend or tailored black pants for a presentation tomorrow, and yet can find 5 outfits and 5 pairs of black pants we love any other time, when we don’t really need them.

It’s why goals and dream boards don’t work if we continually fixate on them, rather than giving them room to breathe.

It’s why it’s hard to find a solution in an argument if we continually keep talking in circles, rather than taking a break for a few hours.

When the pressure is on and we’re tense, solutions can’t flow to us – we’re too wound up and impenetrable for an idea to come through.  It’s as if we have a force field around us – keeping out good ideas.  In contrast, when we’re relaxed, doing or thinking about something else, when we don’t need that cocktail dress or black pants and when we’re not fixated on the problem or desire, the solution simply “pops” into our mind.

I have found that love and being in a relaxed, non-resistant state (see my video) is the answer for almost everything – from extremes such as major life challenges, to minor things like the title of a blog (which I’m stuck on right now :)  And this same concept of non-resistance and putting the body into a relaxed state, is also how the best ideas can come in.

3 Ways Get Revolutionary Ideas To Magically Flow to You

Here are my favorite ways to get my creative juices flowing.  All 3 things “shut down” the thinking brain and involve a repetitive motion that quietens the conscious mind.  We think we need our thinking brain/conscious mind to find a solution, when in fact, it’s the exact opposite. We need to turn it off…and relax.

1.  Go For a Run or Jog

IMG_0209 (1)

…or any exercise that doesn’t require thinking and allows you to “space out”.  Interesting, team sports, a tennis game or even a dance class don’t work as well for this exercise, because your brain is actively involved during each of those.

So why does running/ jogging work?  Firstly, you usually start to feel really good about 10-15 min into the run when the endorphins start kicking in.  When you feel good (why I’m such a believer in doing what makes us happy as it quickly raises our vibration), you’re naturally in a relaxed / non-resistant state and everything flows better, including incoming ideas.

Secondly, the repetitive motion of running shuts down the thinking mind and allows the subconscious mind to start providing answers. It’s as if the conscious mind has to be sent to the back of the room so the subconscious mind can have room to dance freely at the front of the room.

At least 50% of my best ideas have come in while I’m running – ideas for my business, new products, programs, solutions to challenges, team building / leadership ideas.  So…of course I make sure I run at least once a week :))  It helps keeps me fit, healthy (part of my 3:2:1:1 exercise philosophy – 3 cardio, 2 weights, 1 mind-body-spirit, 1 day off), and feeling mentally and emotionally clear – which of course helps in all aspects of life as well.

Important:  You don’t have to run very fast – I only run between 30-40 min, 1-2 times per week, with music, and have a steady, but not super fast pace. Start with only 20 min if you’re new or just restarting exercise.

Action Steps:

  • Schedule a 30-40 min run or walk this week, in your calendar.  Block it out right now in your calendar and commit to trying it for 3 weeks in a row – especially if you’ve never done this before.
  • Run, jog (or walk) quickly enough to get the endorphins going and notice what magical ideas come in.  And how great you feel after, and how well your day – business and life.

Tip:  Yoga also works.  The poses help quieten our mind, we RELAX (non-resistant state) and then ideas can come in.

2.  Wash the Dishes or Take a Shower

Something we all do everyday – at least the shower part, if not dishes ?  Again, it’s the repetitive motion (washing dishes or ourselves), but also the repetitive SOUND and feeling of water that quiets the mind and puts us almost into a slightly trance/hypnotic state (you can wash dishes and get in and out of a shower on auto-pilot and have everything done without even “thinking” about it).

This is again when the best ideas can come in b/c we’re doing something that doesn’t require thinking or effort-ing.  With less effort-ing (important concept for life), our brain literally relaxes, we relax and ideas can flow in more easily.

Less Effort-ing + More Relaxing = Magical Ideas

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Action Steps:

  • Don’t overthink this one.  Just shower or hand wash dishes as normal.
  • Let your mind wander as it wants, without forcing any ideas.
  • Simply notice what ideas come in and be curious. That’s all that is needed. Wait, Watch. Wonder.

3. Lay Down

Let Your Best Ideas Come To You

Ahhh…my other favorite ?  I’ve found this especially valuable for women b/c it relaxes our pelvis + womb – our center of power, creation and life-force.  I image this would work just as well for men though too – as it’s also your center of power, creation and life-force.

I use this not only for ideas, but for anytime I’m feeling stuck, stressed or upset…tired, frustrated…really for everything :)   It is one of the quickest ways to relax the body (putting us into a non-resistant state) – I can feel the tension drain from my body in 30 seconds.  It’s extremely effective and one of the easiest things we can do in any given day – both for health AND ideas.

Action Steps:

  • Try laying down on your bed, or floor, for 2-5 min (that’s all it takes) at least once a day – to get used to this habit.  Again, notice, be curious.  Wait, Watch, Wonder.
  • Use this super easy practice anytime you feel any negative emotion – stress, tiredness, overwhelm, stickiness…don’t let it’s simplicity fool you – it’s one of the most powerful exercises I’ve come across. Interestingly, the most simple things are usually the most effective.

Now What?

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.35.04 PM

When the idea comes in, you MUST ACT on it right away.  This is the most important thing. Most people never act on it – they wait a couple of days and then the energy is gone, they over think it and find all the potential challenges, they tell someone else, who shoots their idea down…and of course they then never do it.

When inspiration comes in, especially anything that makes you feel excited, expansive and energized, you HAVE to act on it right away. You must take at least one tiny little step towards it, that day.  It’s divine inspiration – and if you don’t act on it, the universe will find someone one else to flow the beautiful idea to and through.

Regard any hunch, intuition, or idea that gets your blood pumping as being absolutely precious.  Tony Robbins says, “Never leave the scene of an idea without taking action” which gives a practical twist to a spiritual concept.

Action Steps:

  • Write down any ideas that have come to you this week.
  • Notice especially the ones that make you feel energized, buzzy, excited and expansive.
  • For those, take an action step towards them that same day, and at least 5 days a week until you bring it into reality.

What about you?  How do your best ideas come in? Do you have any questions on the tips above? What do you do to make sure you take at least 1 action step towards them so that your great idea becomes a reality?

Comment here – I love to hear and anything you share or ask will help our whole community!

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Til our next blog…

Lots of love,

Carmen Marshall

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3 Ways to Cut Down on Caffeine (and enjoy it)

Posted on Mar 18, 2016 in Blog, Health & Nutrition, Self-Care | 4 comments


I usually write mostly about personal development and leave Health + Wellness mostly for my online program, the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge.

However, I’ve been feeling the urge to write more equally about all petals of the Create A Life You Love umbrella – Health, Wealth, Purpose, Passion, Relationships, Creativity, Spirituality, Lifestyle + Adventure. And I’ve since I’ve been getting this question more recently, and dealing it with myself, the Health CALYL petal gets to be first :)

How I kicked my café latte addiction – personal recipes included:

Interestingly, two of the hardest habits for me to kick, have both revolved around caffeine: Diet Coke (I know, crazy huh?) and Coffee. After several attempts, I was finally able to quit Diet Coke in 2005. (Thank goodness – especially as there is no doubt as to how toxic artificial sweeteners are for our bodies).

Coffee, I was actually able to quit way before 2005, but it snuck back in (with minimal resistance) about 4 years ago when I was on an speaking tour in Australia + New Zealand. Café Lattes in both places were soo yummy….

And oh. so. addictive.

Since then, I’ve gone on and off coffee – completely eliminating it when I don’t feel as vibrant as I want, and bringing it back when I’m feeling healthy and good.

Rinse. Repeat.

For the past 6 months though, I’ve noticed that anytime I re-introduce coffee, even as a treat, it makes me feel unbalanced. I become dehydrated (of course – coffee dehydrates you), I’m hungrier than normal after a couple of hours (initially coffee curbs huger, but then it increases hunger), my digestive system feels off (stomach ache from the acid and feeling clogged up), I’m moodier…and I gain weight.


All things I would prefer not to happen.

The challenge is of course that I love, love, love café lattes. I adore the ritual of a morning or mid-afternoon latte – it’s a treat, it’s warm, it’s sweet and it has a slight “kick”. All things that are hard to give up – even when I know how it makes me feel afterwards. Which is always my litmus test of whether to continue anything: “How do I feel afterwards? not just in the moment”

So this is what I did. I replaced, instead of eliminated. I found things that I liked at least as much and in some cases, even better. If you too are struggling to stay off coffee, or even just want to reduce your caffeine intake – here are my 3 Go-Tos that helped me kick my coffee habit – all super easy + yummy.

1. Chai Tea Lattes

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.04.50 PM

My absolute favorite replacement! I actually like chai lattes even better than coffee lattes. Chai Tea isn’t actually caffeine free, as it contains black tea leaves, but it doesn’t have the same effect that coffee caffeine has on our bodies.

In part, that’s because there is only 30-65mg of caffeine in 8oz of black tea, versus 100-200 mg in the average cup of coffee. But it’s also because the caffeine in black tea works because of a component called “tannins”. Tannins have a calming effect on our nervous system. They also help caffeine to be absorbed much more slowly, which bypasses the caffeine “shock” and instead creates a calm, relaxed, yet focused state characteristic of alpha brain wave patterns.

No wonder I feel so good after my morning chai tea :)

And I still get to enjoy the ritual of a latte. My mug that takes two hands to hold, the hot creamy almond or coconut milk, the feeling like I’m treating myself and the satiety I feel after chai tea. I don’t even miss coffee lattes. And I love the exotic taste and scent of the indian spices cinnamon, cardamon and nutmeg – all contributing to a morning ritual and treat.

Most importantly, I feel great afterwards.

And…. I drink it almost every single morning.

Carmen’s Favorite Chai Tea Latte
Serves 1, double for 2

1 cup of unsweetened almond and/or coconut milk (add more water and less milk if you like a less rich latte)
1 bag of Chai Tea (Numi’s or Tazo’s Organic Chai Tea are my favorite brands)
1/4 tsp coconut nectar
3-4 drops of English Toffee Stevia to taste (Sweet Leaf* Brand)

Put everything in a sauce pan and slowly heat til first sign of simmer.

Cooking Tips:

Watch carefully so the milk doesn’t boil over. I stay in the kitchen and do other things (take my vitamins, fill my water bottle for the gym) while waiting for the milk to heat. Why? I’ve left the kitchen way too many times only to return to burnt milk all over my stovetop :)

If you like even more spice, add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon and/or vanilla.

Travel Tip:

I always carry a chai tea bag and stevia with me, so that if I’m at a cafe that doesn’t have unsweetened chai tea (just the bag or leaves, not a premix), I ask for a mug of hot almond milk with cinnamon, and use my own teabag and stevia. Yummy, hot chai latte – healthy, vibrant living, without deprivation, on the go ?

Stevia Tips:

Stevia is a natural, organic plant from South America and gives sweetness without calories and is low glycemic.

*Sweet Leaf is my favorite brand as it’s completely natural, made from the whole stevia plant and has no odd aftertaste. They have great natural flavors – English Toffee, Lemon Drop etc – in liquid format.

Stevia tastes great on it’s own in cold drinks, but in hot drinks, it tastes a little thin. Adding a tiny bit of coconut nector, sugar or syrup, fills out the taste for hot drinks – and still keeps it low-glycemic.

Health Tips:

If you are struggling with not having the peristalsis effect (going regularly to toilet) from coffee, chai tea will help in this area :)

If you do want to go caffeine free, Tazo has a great de-caffinated chai tea version.

2. Green Tea

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.31.57 PM

I sip on green tea throughout the morning, up until about 2pm, as any later that that, it seems to keep me awake at night. Green tea, like black tea, also contains caffeine, but only 24-45mg per 8 oz. And it also doesn’t have the same effect that caffeine from coffee has on me (weight gain, moodiness, hunger).

Why else do I love green tea? It’s considered much healthier than coffee, because of it’s many wellness benefits. It’s packed with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which have been shown to potentially inhibit the growth of some cancers. Research also suggests long-term consumption of green tea might help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, and coronary disease and has also been linked to both stress relief and clearer thinking.

Carmen’s Favorite Green Tea

Tea of Inquiry Full Leaf – by Republic of Tea

I absolutely adore this loose leaf green tea and have been drinking it for years. It’s medium strength, but not bitter, and has an earthy, robust flavor from the toasted brown rice pieces. You can usually find it at Whole Foods, but I order directly online from the company here.

If you prefer a bagged green tea, Tazo has some beautiful combination green teas. You can find them at Whole Foods, or order directly from the company online here.

Health Tip:

If you are struggling with headaches from coffee withdrawals – green tea seems to help even more than chai tea – even though it has less caffeine than black tea. During my SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge I encourage clients to replace coffee because of the anti-inflammatory, weight loss, improved skin, sleep and energy levels they can experience in just 5 days, and green tea is one of the things that seems to help the most with any caffeine headache withdrawals withdrawals.

3. Sparkling Lemon Water


Surprisingly, sparkling lemon water also helped me end my coffee latte love affair, simply because I often just feel like a “treat” – and a coffee latte would fill that gap. However, with the option of a re-freshing, lightly sweetened + sparkling lemon drink, I no longer crave a mid-afternoon coffee latte.

Of course, getting more water into our body always helps us feel better – it gives a natural energy boost, which also negates the desire for a coffee. Additionally, lemon not only helps detox the body, but also helps it be more alkaline (think anti-inflammatory versus an inflamed body) – all great things for overall health, and super easy to do with a simple, delicious drink.

Carmen’s Lemon Drop Sparkling Water

1/2 lemon (I like to use the pulp as well, but some people prefer it strained out)
1 cup sparkling water
4-6 drops (or to taste) of Lemon Drop Stevia (Sweet Leaf* Brand)

Ease + Enjoyment Tips:

Squeeze 2-3 lemons at a time and keep in a glass container in the fridge – the juice will last 4-5 days. Making a sparkling lemon drink is so much easier to do if you don’t have to squeeze the lemon every time. You will also have enough lemon for one of my favorite morning rituals – lemon, warm water and cayenne as soon as I wake up.

I use a large wine glass (see picture above) any time I drink sparkling water – it always feels more special and enjoyable.

In summary, why does replacing rather than eliminating work? Well, “nature abhors a vacuum” and it will fill a void, which is why people that quit smoking often gain weight (they start filling that void with food).

Just like dieting doesn’t work for me, neither does eliminating without replacing. Lifestyle changes have to be both sustainable and enjoyable. I’ve found that when I find or create something healthy + delicious that provides a ritual and/or pleasure – old habits (even my beloved café lattes) more easily fall away.

Don’t eliminate a bad habit, replace it. (Click To Tweet It!)

What about you? Which Go-To are you most excited to try? Do you have any questions for me, or for our community? Do you have any tips for replacing a coffee habit?

Click here to leave a comment – I absolutely love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and any questions you might have. Your questions and sharing are so valuable as they help our whole community :)

Love, love, love,

Carmen Marshall

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Life Coaching Meets the Wellness Industry

Posted on Jun 4, 2012 in Business Advice, Exercise & Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Personal Development | 2 comments


Want to learn the principles & practices every successful Wellness or Fitness Professional knows & uses?  Ever wished you could spend in-depth, intimate time with Wellness Professionals who walk their talk and have hugely successful health empires, to learn how they really did it?

2 Days Left to Register!  

This 4-pack tele-course, beautifully spread over a month for integration and implementation, is designed to get you up close and personal with three health professionals who are at the top of their game.  Each call will explore their “secrets” and processes for building a successful and congruent wellness empire.  Whether you’re a health coach, wellness practitioner, Zumba® teacher and/or growing a USANA business, these calls will help you BE and DO what it takes to have a rockin’ business.

And…with my discount code (CM104PACK), the 4 week program is ONLY $90, which brings it down to ONLY $22.50 per tele-seminar!  Pretty cool huh? Yoga studios in the OC charge that for a 1 hour class alone – so it’s an amazing price.  Each tele-seminar will get you into the HEAD of each woman and give you a chance to ask questions.  ANd…you’ll eave  each call with integration exercises to get you into ACTION.

I’ll be the guest speaker on Week 3.   Each call builds to the next, but don’t worry at all if you can’t be on all the calls.  Your registration (BEFORE the series starts) includes the recordings to listen to for a month…which I highly recommend doing.  Play the calls at least once again as you’ll pick up new principles and practices from each expert when you “re-listen”.

All the details: 

Life Coaching Meets The Fitness and Health Industry

If you are a fitness or health professional, you are on the front lines of the health revolution. Thank you. The world is literally dying for this breakthrough in self care and empowerment and you are leading the way. At Handel, we teach leaders to get the job done through developing and fulfilling their own heartfelt dreams. We also teach you how to bust through your own excuses and show others how to do the same. Harnessing the power of your body, mind and spirit, there is nothing you can’t do.

This 4-week teleseminar series is designed to teach you how to be the successful and inspiring fitness or health professional you desire to be. There are certain principles and practices every successful fitness or health professional knows and uses. You’ll be hearing from the best so you have every tool you need. President of Handel Group® Life Coaching, Laurie Gerber (and recent MTV True Life coach) will be joined by a group of experts: Patricia Moreno, Stephanie Levinson and Carmen Marshall to rock your world.

Four weeks starting Wednesday, June 6
2-3pm ET (11-12pm PT, 12-1 MT)
Led by: Laurie Gerber with special guests Carmen, Patricia and Stephanie.
Price: $100.00



Only 2 Days left!  You will want to register NOW, so that you receive your homework questions to “pre-frame” the course. Also, HG does not accept registrations after the first call starts – so make sure to register BEFORE.
“Hear” you soon!  I’m looking forward to answering your questions and helping you have the successful, vibrant and inspiring business and lifestyle that you want.
And this time I’ll be calling in from Maui!
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Healing Lessons from a Healing Retreat

Posted on Feb 28, 2012 in Health & Nutrition, Joy & Happiness, Self-Care, Stress Reduction | 0 comments


I just returned from ten days of utter bliss at the healing oasis Sanoviv.

Grateful.  Zenned Out.  Uber healthy.  Relaxed.

For the first five days, 24 of our coaches and I detoxed, learned and relaxed during our Wellness and Business Training Retreat.  I stayed an additional five days for my Sanoviv Integrative Health Assessment.  Since I don’t really care for the annual “check-ups” in the US, I go to Sanoviv every three years or so to decompress, do preventative health assessments and to learn any new cutting edge mind-body-spirit health tips that I can add to my coaching, programs and my own health routine.

So what did I learn from this visit to Sanoviv? How can you take the learnings at a healing oasis and use them in “real life”?  How am I doing the same?

#1 Healing Lesson :  The power of women coming to together and how important that is for the female psyche.

Since days of old, women’s circles have provided connection, support and expansion.  It was amazing to see the transformation of 24 women in five days – not just from our raw food detox (and the ability of colonic conversations to shave off weeks of getting to know someone), but also from the bonding and learning from each other.  Rosy cheeks, smiles, relaxed foreheads and eye-corners…some of the tell-tale signs of women enjoying and relaxing into themselves…and into each other’s company.

As a reformed (and still learning) “type A, driven business woman” who used to not make time for hanging out with women (what was I thinking?), I’ve become aware of how important it is to connect my women friends on a regular basis. How good it feels.  How time with girlfriends increases my vibration, which in turn naturally helps both my business and life balance. Connect, enjoy, relax and everything else works better. Novel concept.

How can you use this in “real” life, outside of a retreat, knowing that connecting with women can naturally increase your life and business success?

  • Create a Facebook group for a “tribe” of women that you resonate with. For your five best girlfriends.  Your book club.  Your friends at your Zumba® class.  We created a Feb 2012 Sanoviv Wellness and Business Retreat Facebook Group for our coaches and it’s been so fun to see the dialogue, support, pictures, recipes, questions and tips flying back and forth.
  • Start a once a month get together for women in your area with a different topic each time – Prosperity, Health, Communication, Purpose. Create a “tribe” of women that come together to learn from each other, relax, expand, laugh and play.
  • Join a women’s group that resonates with you. I just started a 5 Week Tantric Dance of the Feminine Power course with a group of women and I can’t believe how happy it’s making me feel.  How much that happiness has infused my business and life.

#2 Healing Lesson:  The power of stillness and how important it is for everyone’s psyche and nervous system.

With stress now being attributed as the one of the leading causes of disease, Sanoviv knows the necessity of creating stillness and downtime.  Curfew was at 9pm, which was welcomed since it’s amazing how tired one is after spending the day getting healthy!  Internet and cell phones are not allowed in the main areas or your room (cell phones don’t work and there is no wi-fi). We could use the internet in the business room if absolutely necessary, but were encouraged to disconnect as much as possible – which was SO healthy for me.   Stillness and non-busyness…hallelujah.

In addition, Sanoviv is built on the old Levi Strauss property and on/around an amazing energy vortex.  You can literally feel the calm, still, beautiful healing vibe throughout the property and buildings. Which is why, of course, Dr. Wentz, founder of my product partner USANA Health Sciences and Sanoviv, chose to build his healing oasis in this exact location.

The original Strauss house is still intact, sits on a third of the property and is home to  the meditation, psychology, piano, library and reading rooms.  As soon as you walk into the house, you feel enveloped by stillness, peace and an immediate quietening of the mind and spirit.  My favorite “part” of Sanoviv, I went there every day with a book and my journal. Staring out at the ocean, tucked up in a oversized chair, I allowed my body to relax into the stillness.  No talking, no where to get, nothing to solve…just to relax and be still.

How can do this in “real” life and not just at a retreat?

  • Have a self-professed no cell and internet day. (Or 1/2 a day if that is too scary).  Sundays work great for this.
  • Don’t think you HAVE to answer your cell if it rings. I never answer my cell unless the call has been scheduled or it’s a close friend/family member.  Even then, a lot of times I will let it go to voice mail so I can respond rather than “react”.
  • Take time to sit for 5-10 min on your own. Journal, breathe, read a book – whatever it is that calms you.  Every day, do something for 5-10 min that encourages you to be STILL.  To slow down.  To feel your breath, your body and and your feelings. This is one of the best things to do for your long term health and enjoyment of TODAY.  And remember, “if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real”- Marie Forleo.  So schedule your 5-10 min like an appointment. I guarantee that your physical health and your emotional spirit will thank you for it.  You will ENJOY your life more today. I know this from personal experience.
  • Slow down the things you usually rush. For example, when I return from any outing or errands, typically I’m rushing to get out of the car and get everything put away as fast as I can.  By the end of my whirling dervish ten minutes, I’m exhausted.  Try this…slow down the very thing that you’re rushing.  Imagine that you’re a “Zen Maven”.  Notice how much it relaxes your nervous system and that it creates enjoyment in the moment…which is what it is ALL about.

Well…that’s not all I learned, but this is as long as I want my blog to be today!  Stay tuned for more tips and Sanoviv recipes coming up….

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Be Happy….Be Vibrant…

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Why Love Fades & How To Keep It Vibrant

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Hello from Sanoviv!

After five days of our Live Well Coach Wellness Business Retreat and five days here on my own, I am feeling thoroughly detoxed, blissed out, slowed down and zen-ified.  Grateful.  Restored.  Centered.

Driving back to Laguna this weekend, so I’m soaking in the last few days in healing paradise. (Sanoviv is built on an energy vortex and that you can literally FEEL the healing quality here).  Click here (my Facebook page, so you may have to “like” if you haven’t been to it before) to see some gorgeous pictures of the facility and 25 very happy women enjoying gourmet raw food, sea weed wraps, cutting edge wellness education and each other.

Of course I don’t want to leave, but I’m also chomping at the bit to share my favorite nutrition and mind-body-spirit wellness learnings when I get back.  Especially tools to slow down the rhythm of your life to SAVOR and more fully enjoy each day. Why slowing down is crucial to being profoundly and deeply connected to yourself.  How to take a retreat experience and infuse it into your every day life.  How to generate your own healing and increase your vibration. Yummy, easy raw food recipes too…stay tuned!

I’ve been taking a “technology break” as Sanoviv suggests, except for a few important things, and this one counts as there is only 6 more days to register.

As you know, I love everything that the HG Life Coaching does – especially if it’s Laurie Gerber (President of Handel and co-host for our “Dive Into the Promise” tele-seminar 2 weeks ago) or Juliana Gambrell (my own coach).  The 4-week tele-seminar format is so user-friendly too because you can fit it into your daily life AND have enough time to integrate between each session.  Here’s all the details…

Why Love Fades & How To Keep It Vibrant: 4-Week Teleseminar Series*

Join coach Laurie Gerber, President of Handel Group® Life Coaching and proud wife of Will Craig, to learn why love fades and how to keep it strong and vibrant. This 4-week teleseminar series is perfect for any individual in a couple who is struggling or just wants to make sure the good stuff continues on forever. Naturally, it just doesn’t. We invite you to think that love fading over time is a call to action, because you understand that developing mastery as a partner matters and works to make your relationship loving and lasting. We’ll teach you the basics of how to keep love thriving!

4 Wednesdays – 2/15, 2/22, 2/29 & 3/7
12pm-1pm ET (that’s 10am-11am MT)
$100 ($90 with promo code)
Led by: Laurie Gerber



*All calls will be recorded and available to those who sign up in advance.

Okay…I’m going dark.  Off to bed for 9pm “curfew”- isn’t that a great “rule” that they have here to promote health?  Sleeping with the doors open to the ocean, waking up with the sun…

PS:  Want a “taste” of what the tele-seminar will be like?  Here’s Laurie’s latest blog:  Should You Be Arrested For Your Love Crimes? She’s a GREAT writer – content and delivery.

Be Happy….Be Vibrant…

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Surviving The Holiday Season – Part 2

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Here it is!  “Surviving the Holiday Season – Part 2″ – strategies that I’ve used both personally and with clients over the years.  As always, I love to read your comments below the blog as to what is helping you personally…AND, I would love to hear YOUR best tips too!

1.  Never go to a party or outing hungry: I remember in my 20’s believing that if I was going out for dinner, I should eat less during the day to compensate for all the extra calories I would be eating at the event.  You’d think I would have realized my faulty thinking after a few times of starving myself during the day, and then being so hungry at the party that I would eat EVERTHING.  LOL…it took me a few YEARS to figure that out!  Now, I never go to an event hungry.  I eat normally throughout the day and then drink a USANA Nutrimeal* or eat a USANA Nutrition Bar* before going out, to avoid last minute party cravings.  Other “magic tricks” while at a party:

2. Fill your plate with fruit & veggies at parties so people aren’t asking why you aren’t eating cake and cookies (and offer to bring a fruit or veggie tray, so there ARE fruits and veggies.)

And while we’re on the topic of bringing healthy foods to parties, check out Elizabeth Rider’s Whole Eating Cookbook – only $9.95 – for ideas on healthy, low glycemic appetizers. All SexyFit compliant of course!

3. Have sparkling water with a lime in a highball glass or wine glass to avoid any unwanted pressure to drink, and to give you something “fun” to sip on.

4. This is YOUR Life. How many times do we give in when someone says, “Oh, come on, you can have just one…it’s the holidays!”.  Don’t let others try to talk you into being unhealthy and incongruent with your health goals. You’re not high maintenance, you’re not weird, you simply care about your health and wellness.  Often times, you will be an inspiration that they can do it too.

5. Drink MORE Water. Water makes up 60-70% of your body and EVERY system in your body depends on it. Drink 8-12 glasses (8oz each) minimum each day and add one more glass for each caffeinated and alcoholic beverage you have. Water will help you feel full, have more energy and better able to handle everything.  I use the sparkling water in a wine glass with the lime trick ALL the time because if feels like a special drink, I know I’m drinking more water and no one asks me why I’m not drinking!

6. Lifestyle Choices: Choose how much sleep and exercise you need every day and make them nonnegotiable.  I know myself, when I’m tired, I overeat – so I make sure to get my sleep because I know it has a huge impact on how I feel and what I do. Also, add on a stress-reduction method that works best for you, massage, Yoga, talking to a friend, reading a book, movies, etc.

7. It’s Okay to say “No.” Holidays can also be stressful for a number or reasons and an amazing DE-STRESSER can be learning to say “No.” You don’t have to go to every party. Imagine that?  You can actually not go to everything you’re invited to!  I personally feel so much relief when I create more space in my life by saying YES to the things I really want to do and NO to the things that aren’t a resounding YES!

8. What if you DO overindulge? We all do sometimes. Drink tons of water before going to bed and take 2-3 USANA Proflavanol C100* that night to detox the body, reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system (aka the SexyFit™ Rescue Formula which you’ll learn about in the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge). In the morning, drink a large glass of water, have a USANA Nutrimeal* shake with your USANA MyHealthPak* to stabilize your blood sugar.

*For USANA products at wholesale prices, visit your USANA account or contact your local USANA representative, Live Well™ or SexyFit™ Coach.

Go for a workout or even a walk in the morning – the movement and endorphins will help you feel better and back on track. Most importantly, drink lots of water throughout the day, eat 5-6 small low glycemic meals/snacks during the day and don’t try to compensate by eating fewer calories, otherwise your metabolism will adjust and slow down and/or you’ll overeat later on during the evening.

9. Create Connection: Enjoy the Holiday Season for what it is about, family, friends, and connections – not just eating. It’s amazing when you take the focus off of food how many other things you will notice about the holidays!

10. And to get help you reach your 2012 Health Goals, my next SexyFit Nutrition Program is OPEN  for registration!

My January SexyFit Nutriton Program is my most popular one because of New Year Resolutions, so register as soon as possible to secure your seat.  Here’s all the info:

New Year SexyFit™ Nutrition Program

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Sunday, January 15 – Monday, Feb 13th (Prep Week starts Jan 7th)

  • Registration Opens Wednesday, December 14th and Ends Tuesday, January 3rd at midnight
  • All Participants with receive their login details on Saturday, Jan 7th to start with Goal Setting and Prep Week content.  The full 30-Day Program starts Sunday, January 15th with our evening prep call, and the 5 Day RESET Cleanse will start on Monday, January 16th.
  • Read the 30-Day Program Details here
  • Space is Limited, so register now.

Be Happy….Be Vibrant…

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